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A search for a giant floor lamp

You’ve spent evenings searching online for a new floor lamp. You’re not looking for just a simple floor lamp that you can find at Ikea. You’re looking for something unusual. Something your friends don’t have. And it should be big. No big… isn’t the right word. The lamp should be gigantic! A giant floor lamp, that’s it! But if you search online you only find boring lamps. But it should be contemporary. And yes, you’ve run into the Anglepoise lamp over a 100 times. But that’s not your cup of tea.


In your home and garden

And while you’re at it. Why not a lamp that can be used inside your home, but also outside in your garden? When it’s summertime you simply move your lamp to the poolside or patio. And you enjoy the long summer evenings reading a book under your new lamp. That’s sound like a fairytale. But dreams come true at Mal.


Giant floor lamp in 6 colours

Your search for this fairytale floor lamp ends here. Meet our Lummel lamp:

giant floor lamp



Our Lummel floor lamp is gigantic. It’s 225 cm tall. And can be used in your living room but also in your backyard. The design look like a classic desk lamp, but then a few sizes bigger. It comes in 6 colours: blue, white, orange, red, yellow and grey. The foot of the lamp has a diameter of 85 cm (33.5 inch). The direction and height can be adjusted, by adjusting the wing nuts. Want more information or buy it now online? Visit our Lummel gigantic floor lamp.