Mal Clock Stereo White - Double sided clock


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This clock was originally designed for the New York city based Gallery Chamber and has featured in many media like The New York times and The Washington post. The mechanics shown, are a inspired on the Seikosha watch, worn by the Japanese fighter pilots in WWII. This white clock with black dials is our clients favorite and we perfectly understand why.

Contemporary double sided clock
This virgin white clock fits almost any interior. It’s modern and unique. Designed in collaboration with art gallery Chamber in New York City. It’s a double dial clock. The time is displayed on both sides of this contemporary clock. If needed you can display on each side of the clock another timezone.

For indoor and outdoor
The clock is made of long lasting and recycable plastic (PE). This is one of the features why it may be used indoors and out. Mount it on a wall in your garden, on the ceiling in your home cinema room or put it up a cabinet. It’s powered by a penlight battery, so there is no need to worry about cables hanging in sight.

Artificial white mechanics
The design of the Mal Clock Stereo is based on the Seikosha watch. These watches were used by Japanese fighter pilots in World War II. Mal exposes it’s own mechanics. Well… it only pretends to, because the visible white mechanics are actually artificial.

The Mal Clock Stereo in white costs 698,- euro ex works.

How to mount?
You can mount it on the wall, ceiling or put it standing up.

Dimensions of the clock
The dimensions of the Mal Clock Stereo are: height 50 cm, width 60 cm and depth 26 cm.

What’s the size of the box?
It will be delivered in a 55x30x60 cm box and weighs 11,5 kg.

Looking for another colour?
This clock is available in 7 colours and are alle suitable for indoor and outdoor use: black, yellow, blue, grey, green, orange and red.

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Mal Clock Stereo White - Double sided clock outdoor and indoor