Mal Clock - Stereo Green

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MalClock Stereo was conceived from a need to be in two places at the same time, prompted by the transcontinental collaboration between Mal and New Yorks gallery Chamber.

Inspired by a Double Dial or, as it is also known, the Post Office Clock, Mal Clock is penlight-battery-operated.The clock can be wall or ceiling mounted and can be used standing up, also it can be used in your domestic outdoors by strapping it on a tree.

Based on Seikosha watches that were used by Japanese fighter pilots in WWII, Mal Clock exposes its own mechanics. In fact, it only pretends to: the visible mechanics are actually artificial, making the clock two-faced in two ways.

The MalClock Stereo is available in the colors : Orange ral2004 – Blue ral5015 – Red ral3020 –  Grey ral7023 – Yellow ral1023 – Green ral1108060 and Black.

The MalClock Stereo is 698,- euro ex works.
Packed in a 55x30x60cm box it weighs 11,5 kg.

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