Mal Clock Stereo Black- Double sided clock


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Try to say: “Big black clock” very fast. The black version of the Mal Clock Stereo has contrasting white dials that top of the Seikosha mechanics. It’s true what they say, once you go black, you never go back!

Clock for indoor & outdoor
The Mal Clock Stereo is a plastic (PE), rotational molded product. PE is a long lasting and recycable plastic and very suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Because it’s powered by penlight batteries you can mount this unique black clock practically everywhere. You won’t have to hide any ugly wires. So mount it in your living room next to the big Lummel floor lamp. Or use it in your garden and make sure you know when it’s time to light up the BBQ.

Artificial mechanics
The design of Mal Clock Stereo is based on Seikosha watches. Worn by Japanese fighter pilots in WWII. The visible black mechanics are artificial. The pointers of clock are in contrasting white.

Double sided clock
It’s inspired by the double dial clock, also known as the train station clock. That means it’s double sided and the time will displayed on both sides of the clock. And you can set different times on both sided of the clock. It’s designed in collaboration with art gallery “Chamber” in New York. The Mal Clock Stereo in black costs 698,- euro ex works.

What’s the size of this Big Black Clock?
The height is 50 cm, width is 60 cm and the depth is 26 cm.

Does it fit my mailbox?
Noop, it won’t. It will be delivered in a 55x30x60 cm box and weighs 11,5 kg.

Looking for another colour?
This unique clock is available in 7 colours and they’re alle suitable for indoor and outdoor use: blue, yellow, white, green, orange and red.

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Mal Clock Stereo Black- double sided outdoor clock