Mal Clock Mono White - Wall Clock


Inspired by the Seikosha watch
The design of this modern white wall clock is inspired by the Seikosha watch. Japanese fighter pilots wore these watches in World War II.

White wall clock for indoor & outdoor
This white wall clock will fit any decor. It’s a piece of art that matches a modern living room and even a contemporary garden. Garden? Yep, this contemporary clock can be used indoor and outdoor.

Artificial clock mechanics
The white mechanics might look real, but they are artificial. It’s a rotational molded wall clock and made of PE (plastic). That makes the long lasting and recycable.

Easy to mount & no cables
It’s easy to mount and penlight battery operated. So don’t worry about cables and wires hanging in sight. The Mal Clock Mono in white costs 298,- euro ex works.

Dimensions of the wall clock
The height is 50 cm, width is 50 cm and the depth is 10 cm.

How will it be delivered?
Packed in a 55x15x60cm box and it weighs 3,5 kg.

Looking for a brighter colour?
The Mal Clock Mono is also available in the following  colours: Orange, Blue, Red, Grey, Yellow, Green and Black.

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