Mal Clock - Stereo


Mal Clock Stereo was conceived from a need to be in two places at the same time, prompted by the transcontinental collaboration between Mal and New Yorks gallery Chamber.

Contemporary double sided clock
Inspired by a Double Dial or, as it is also known, the Post Office Clock. Mal Clock Stereo is a modern double-sided clock. This contemporary clock can be wall or ceiling mounted and can also be used standing up.

Outdoor and indoor
The Mal Clock Stereo can be used indoor and outdoor. While sitting at your pool you will never forget what time it is. Because this unique clock will always attract your eye. And even better… because it’s double sided… you can see from every angle of your garden when it’s cocktail time!

Design based on Seikosha watches
The design of this clock is based on Seikosha watches that were used by Japanese fighter pilots in WWII. Mal Clock Stereo exposes its own mechanics. In fact… it only pretends to. Because the visible mechanics are actually artificial, making the clock two-faced in two ways. You can set different times on both sides of the clock.

Contemporary clock in fresh colours
The Mal Clock Stereo is available in the following bright colours : Orange RAL 2004, Blue RAL 5015, Red RAL 3020, Grey RAL 7023, Yellow RAL 1023, Green RAL 1108060, Black and White.

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