Blue lounge chair and desk floor lamp outside

Mal 1956 lounge chair seats 5 people

Well… only if they’re tiny people. But these 5 girls managed to get on one Mal 1956 lounge chair. Have a closer look at the Mal 1956 or the blue giant desk lamp called Lummel.





Mal 1956 and Lummel in Vogue Living

Mal 1956 and Lummel in Vogue Living & Decor

Our grey Mal 1956 lounge chair and grey Lummel floor lamp in Vogue Living & Decor Australia. In the background, on the table made of glass, you can even spot our Mal Clock Stereo in grey. That’s a rocking combination!





Black Lummel - Floor lamp on patio

Lummel floor lamp in real life

We have a lot of amazing pictures of our products. But this time a picture from a happy owner of the Lummel floor lamp in black. This picture was taken in his backyard.






Double sided clock mounted on a tree

Strap your Mal Clock Stereo on a tree

The Mal Clock Stereo can be mounted on the wall, ceiling or put it standing up. But why not strap it on a tree in your backyard? This double sided clock is powered by batteries, so don’t worry about cables & wires.





Lummel Lamp and Mal 1956 on the cover of FD Persoonlijk

Mal Furniture on the cover of FD Persoonlijk

The white Lummel lamp and white Mal 1956 lounge chair on the cover of FD Persoonlijk magazine.

See full FD Persoonlijk cover image





Cushion set Killing Me Softly newspaper de telegraaf

Killing me softly in newspaper “De Telegraaf”

Killing me Softly cushion set in Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf”.

Full of the article in De Telegraaf





Mal 1956 New York Times | Eames tribute

Mal 1956 in the New York Times

The New York Times posted an article in their newspaper and online about the Mal 1956 lounge chair.

Read article in The New York Times





Lummel Lamp in LINDA

 Lummel lamp in LINDA

Lifestyle magazine LINDA likes our Lummel lamp

Read the full article





Valua Magazine German Mal 1956 chair


The blue Mal 1956 chair in Valua magazine

The blue Mal 1956 lounge chair in the German Valua magazine.

Read the full article in Valua magazine





Lummel lamp in Telegraaf

Lummel lamp in newspaper “De Telegraaf”

Our Lummel lamp in De Telegraaf, a Dutch newspaper. They call the Lummel lamp: Plastic Fantastic.

See the full article about Lummel






search for giant floor lamp

Search for a giant floor lamp

You’ve spent evenings searching online for a new floor lamp. You’re not looking for just a simple floor lamp that you can find at Ikea. You’re looking for something unusual. Something your friends don’t have. And it should be big. No big… isn’t the right word. The lamp should be gigantic! A giant floor lamp, that’s it!

A search for a giant floor lamp